To meet the precise requirements of our clients, we are trying hard to provide a wide range of IT Solutions with our customers. As an experienced service provider for private, small and medium customers, we leverage technology and our flexible services to drive performance and business values throughout a customers enterprise. Our offered range of IT Solutions is admired by our customers for its quality and cost effectiveness.

  • Cloud Web-Hosting –  Cloud Hosting, Servers, Storage

  • IT Security Solutions – Various Security Solutions including SSL Certificates, Email Encryption and Server Security

  • Domain Name Solutions – Registration and Management of wide range of domain extentions


With years of experience and co-operating with tier-1 IT-Security and administration companies in the world, we provide you with all the tools and support you need to create your own web-based service. From cloud based SEO-friendly web-hosting to cloud servers and cloud storage we will support you.

AiONETS Cloud Solutions


Nowadays the online services and networks can be scary places as the integration of the internet into everyone’s lives has also brought with it an ever-increasing trend towards malicious activity. Consumers are understandably concerned. This fear leads to diminished trust in e-commerce and negatively influence online businesses. Consumers and businesses, alike, need protection from online security threats in order to thrive on the Internet and take full advantage of the many benefits of e-commerce.With our high assurance security solutions you would be able to not only secure your own operating systems and machines but also secure your online services such as shops, company and personal websites, community forums, e-mail and documents and networks.

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