Wildcard SSL Certificates

Wildcard (sub-domains support) SSL Certificates

SSL Certificate

Wildcard SSL Certificates are recommended for all  Companies, Ecommerce Websites, Businesses and Online Shops who have multiple online stores, websites, applications and customer areas that they want to secure. Wildcard certificates secure unlimited sub-domains and are easy to install, saving you time and effort. Enterprises can consolidate all their secure domains into a single cert. For example: secure.MyWebsite.com, shop.MyWebsite.com and support.MyWebsite.com.

Wildcard and Multi-Domain SSL certificates

Wildcard and Multi-Domain SSL Certs are accessible products for a low-cost price. Choose SSL with Wildcard support to stop the use of multiple single domain SSL certificates to secure subdomains. Most of the websites require securing its subdomains as well as the common name for client area or order system exists. Unified Communication SSL certificates, also known as SAN (Subject Alternative name) or even as Multi-Domain SSL certificates are built to handle multiple domains or subdomains within the same SSL certificate. No more need to use many single domain SSL for large projects or other tasks, as now it is possible to secure various different domain names and subdomains with a UCC/SAN certificate. In addition It is compatible with most Exchange/communication servers.

Green Address Bar

Multi-Domain EV SSL certificates come with Green Address Bar which boost online sales, as customers do not have fair to use credit cards or other online payment systems, business is verified and payment is secured. Multi-Domain EV SSL certificates verify company phone number, address, legal existence and few more hidden things.

Site Seal

Wildcard and Multi-Domain certificates come with Dynamic or Static Site Seal logos to boost sales and attract all visitors. Verified information appears in Dynamic seal logo; organization name, address , warranty and more details which let you to gain more trust from your customers.

Improve Your Google Rank

Great news for all webmasters, as now every website with installed SSL certificate gains higher ranking in Google. We believe Extended and Business Verification SSL certificates gets more top rankings instead of Domain verification certs, but that is minor changes in Google algorithm.

Compatible devices

Every Certificate Authority (Brand) has its own certificate compatibility with browsers, mobile devices and server platforms. Most of EV certificates come with 99.6% support of all devices. Intermediate CA certificate installation requires getting highest compatibility results.

Wildcard Domain Validation SSL Certificates

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Wildcard Organization Validation SSL Certificates

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