What is Extended Validation SSL Certificate

What is the Usage Of Extended Validation EV SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate Extended Validation SSL certificates are being utlized to show the site or shop visitor more assurance regarding the institution to which they were issued. The technical aspects of the certificates themselves is combined with visual clues in the user interface of the application verifying them: the green bar and a visible name next to the location bar in the browser.

For example, the EV certificate at https://www.apple.com will make the browser show a green bar and display “Apple, Inc.” next to it. This is designed not only to link the certificate to the domain owner (like Domain and Business Validation Certificates), but also link it to a more physical institution (here, Apple, Inc.). To do this, the CA must verify that the named institution is indeed the one owning the domain.

This type of SSL Certificate is recommended to all online shops and websites who are willing to gain the maximum trust of their users.

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