What is Organization or Business Validation SSL Certificate

Organization / Business Validation SSL Certificate

SSL CertificateOrganization or Business validated SSL Certificates are high assurance SSLs which are used to validate a company/business/organization. The main feature and usage of Business/Organization SSL certificate is to encrypt website/business and user’s sensitive information which is being used between transactions. It comes up with 2048-bit signature and highest 256-bit encryption strength & it also displays organization/company/business name in site seal which is trust indicator that shows the business is legitimate and the information shared is not accessible by any other person. It increases customer’s confidence and also helps to grow the conversation rate as well.

During online transaction or communication when a user find the website is encrypted with OV SSL Certificate, it will indicate the business is genuine and verified by one of the trusted certificate authority and the communication occurred between browser and server is safe and working smoothly without any interruption. OV SSL secures website from active phishing attacks and keeps attackers away from website and databases.

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