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Extended Validation SSL certificates not only secures your website and services using industry standard (SHA 256), but it also offers a variety of extra valuable features which have proven to increase the trust of your customers. Extended validation certificates come with the green address bar which mentions the name of your business or organization before URL of your website in your web-browsers. All famous websites such as Apple.com are utilizing EV SSL certificates no matter how well-known they are. The green address bar assures your customers that your business or service is 100% legitimate and you are serious in what you are offering. Extensive verification is needed before activating EV SSL for your website which takes between 1-5 days since the certificate authority would need to ensure that you are actually the legitimate owner of your business. Nowadays, as the competition in online businesses and shops is at its peak, having an extra advantage such as EV SSL certificate would make a big difference on your sales. Extended validation certificates are recommended for all online shops and business owners, businesses and organizations which are offering services and governmental entities.

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Extended Validation SSL

An Extended Validation SSL provides the highest level of online assurance. Get real proof of business legal existence with complete verification of address and phone number. EV certificates have up to $1,750,000 warranty level, which is almost the highest in the SSL industry.

Green Address Bar

EV SSL boosts your online sales by the green address-bar in web-browsers as customers are assured that your business is verified and payments are secured. EV SSL Certificate verifies company, phone number, address, legal existence and few more hidden things. The green bar shows your customer that you business is 100% legitimate by just looking at their browser’s address-bar.

Improve Your Google Ranking

Google has officially announced that sites powered by SSL (HTTPS) will rank higher in their system. Google has increased security and now prioritises secure sites in search results. It is recommended to install SSL-Certificates for all your sites since Google ranking system now helps websites with active and valid SSL certificates to get higher positions in Google search. This change applies to all type of SSL certificates such as Domain, Business or Extended validation. Business and in particular Extended certificates may get even higher results.

Site Seal

SSL Dynamic Site Seal All Extended Validation SSLs come with a free Site Seal logo which plays an important role in ensuring your customers and visitors regarding the security of your website. Because of the additional information which is provided by the seal about your legal entity, the viewers of your website would have a higher trust regarding your website and your services (comparing to domain validated SSL certificates).

Compatible devices

Every Certificate Authority (Brand) has its own certificate compatibility with browsers, mobile devices and server platforms. Majority of EV certificates come with 99% support of all devices. Intermediate CA certificate installation requires getting highest compatibility results.

Extended Validation (EV) Certificates

Single Domain and Multi-domain certificates

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